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Fig & Marmalade Tart

Recently I had a workman at my apartment to fix something, and in chatting with him, I discovered that he had the most incredible passion...

Fig, Coconut & Dulce Muffins

I was lucky enough to have an abundance of figs recently and decided to try out this combo for an afternoon tea option outside of the...

Apple Cider Donuts

Apple cider Donuts in time for Halloween and perfect for tea party treats! Baked donuts using native Australian wattleseed

Whole Orange Cake

A delicious cake if you don't want a tonne of cream - and who can resist the scent of fresh oranges? This is Gluten free too!! Flourless...

Spicy Rice Noodle rolls

Spicy Rice Noodles with Chilli Inspired from Penang’s famous Char Kway Teow street food dish - cooked in around 10mins at your wok!

Spicy Turkey Chilli

Turkey Chilli reminds me of living in Jersey - its a warm hug on a cold day, and also probably one of the more healthy options you can...

Papa Rellenas

These Cuban Potato croquettes were new to me before I lived in New York, and I fell in love with all things Cuban - including so many snacks

What is Jo Up to Now?

Jo chats about the year after MasterChef Australia, and her current roles - in the kitchen and behind the travel desk - and what's coming up

Crispy Sesame and Honey Beef

My mother always told me - never buy anything crumbed from a butchers - or pre marinated - because ‘They use the old meat’ and you can...

Spicy Green Pandan Sauce

Spicy Green Pandan Sauce - Vegan, Vegetarian and Delicious! Perfect party food and vegetable sauce! A MammaJo Masterchef delight!

Spicy OxTail Soup Dumplings

Ok - these are delicious - but you need to be committed, because its not just something you can whip up in a 60 minute challenge!! If you...

Cacao Rosella Bliss Balls

Hasn't everyone got a version of a protein ball or bliss ball? These are a healthy, Vegan snack that will help with the sweet crave

Korean Beef Asado Ribs

This is perhaps one of my new favourite things to make - and eat. Sticky, Spicy Beef ribs that fall off the bone, and perfect for a bbq

Curing Egg Yolks

This is for all the food nerds out there - but also for lovers of delicious food. If you have tried these before, then you understand the...

Korean KimChi Dumplings

I recently was asked to make these at the restaurant where I am cheffing, and the Korean Sous Chef was using his mother’s recipe - but...


One of my most favourite things to eat is empanadas. I don't mind if they are sweet or savoury - I love the crispy, flaky pastry the most...

Beef Rendang

This one is one of my favourite things to make in the colder months - and there is a labour of love that goes into it, but it is very...