Korean Beef Asado Ribs

This is perhaps one of my new favourite things to make - and eat. It's a frustrating cook though - because its one of those cooks that you have to think about ahead of time and plan for - but if you do - you get rewarded BIG TIME!


2kg Asado Beef Ribs

2 Cups Light Soy Sauce

¼ Cup Rice Wine Vinegar

6 Cloves Garlic – Peeled and Sliced

Large finger length of Ginger – peeled and sliced

2 Red Shallots – peeled and sliced

2 TBSP Dark Brown Sugar

3 TBSP Gochujang Korean Chilli paste

2 Kiwi Fruit – peeled and diced

1 TBSP Sesame Oil

2 Cups Water


Day Before:

Add the Ribs to a large container along with all ingredients except the water, and squish with your hands to activate the kiwi and get all of the flavours combined

Day of cooking:

Pre Heat oven to 160C and place all of the mix – plus the 2 Cups of water into a baking tray, then cover with foil to seal. Cook on low heat for 4 hours – remove foil, and cook uncovered for another hour to 90 minutes – depending on level of caramelization you like– turning to brown on all sides.

Remove baking tray and set aside marinade mix and cooking liquids – return meat to wire rack in a hot oven 180C for about 15 minutes – glazing with the marinade every 10 mins, until degree of char and stickiness is achieved – set aside to serve with steamed rice – or shred it, and add back into the sauce/marinade for an amazing Korean Taco mix that you won’t forget in a hurry!

Happy Cooking - If you make this and Love it - let me know so I can drool along with you and get food envy too!

Happy Cooking


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