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Spicy OxTail Soup Dumplings

Ok - these are delicious - but you need to be committed, because its not just something you can whip up in a 60 minute challenge!! If you are dedicated to flavour, and deliciousness, then read on, and enjoy!!

If you have ever had soup dumplings before, then you already know how amazing they are, and now, you can make these at home too! Take note - it is so important to make sure that when you are folding the dumplings, that you push out all of the air bubbles and seal them off properly, otherwise you will be left with a dumpling and no soup... And you really need the both of them for this to work!

If you just want to make the filling, and have it with some fresh papardelle or other pasta, then use this recipe as the ragu like mix will definitely pair well with some fresh pasta on a cold night!

Start 2 days before you want to eat these, as there is some time involved, and you really cant skip ahead!


1 Kg Oxtail

1 TBSP Olive oil

2 Cups of Pomegranate Juice

3 Tbsp My MammaJos Black Magik mix

1 Carrot - diced

1 Brown onion - diced

1/2 Cup Goji Berries

2 Bay Leaves

1 Long Red Chilli - chopped with seeds ( optional)

If your slow cooker has a sear function, use that to brown off the bones and meat, then set aside while you sweat off the vegetables. Add the meat back in, with the Berries, bay leaves, spice mix, and chilli if you are using it, and stir to combine - about 5 mins. You want the meat to be seared and sealed, and the vegetables to be soft - but not cooked.

Add in the Juice, then set to slow cook for up to 8 hours. You want the meat to be fall off the bone at the end, so check after 6 hours and see if it has reached that stage. When it has, remove from heat, and allow to cool.

When bones are cooler, shred the meat from them and strain the juice from the liquid - discard the solids, and add the shredded meat back into the juice, and allow to chill overnight to set.


If you are making the dumplings - proceed with steps below to fold and cook them. If you prefer to just have the mix with pasta, then you can add the mix into a saucepan, and allow to become liquid again, then let reduce. Check seasoning, and add more if required - but keep in mind if you reduce it too far, it may end up quite salty - but you do want it saucy!

Making the dumplings:

The mixture will be set and very gelatinous, and now, you can shred the mixture in your food processor - should be gelatine and meat all shredded up and mixed together. This is now ready to roll into your dumplings.

Dumpling wrappers:

For this kind of cook, I use the GOLD STAR Gyoza wonton wrapper - round ones, and can withstand the cook. These wontons are boiled, so you want them to be able to withstand a hot water boil for about 4 mins. I haven't tried these steamed, but if you are gentle with them, they should go ok - just remove from steamer with care!

To fold - place a teaspoon size portion of the mix into the center of the wonton wrapper, then wet the top half of the wrapper with water and bring the bottom side up to the top and form a half circle shape. Cup you fingers around the filling in the middle and press out any air bubbles - making sure that the edges are sealed well together. Wet one corner and bring the two corners around together and press the wet corner into the dry one. This should give you a plump and round dumpling - ready to cook!

To cook - bring salted water to the boil and gently slip the wontons into the water and boil approx 4 mins. Remove with a slotted spoon and serve immediately with dipping sauce if your choice!

I have also used this filling and then fried the wontons - also quite delicious - pick your favourite option and go with it. Potsticker, and Empanada style folds will also work well if the dumplings are sealed off well.

Serve with a black vinegar dipping sauce - sweet chilli, or spicy plum - all would be great!

Happy folding!


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