Spicy Green Pandan Sauce

I made this as an experiment and now it might just be my new favourite thing - and it will be going on everything I cook! The good news is - it’s super easy!!


1 Large ripe avocado

2 limes - zest and juice

Pinch salt

3 Pandan Leaves

1 bunch of well washed Coriander - roots and leaves

2 long Green Chili’s - seeds and all

2 cloves grated Garlic cloves (optional🤷‍♀️)




Blitz all in Thermomix/food processor until really smooth, then pass through a drum sieve and add in 1 Tbsp Greek Yoghurt (Coconut Yoghurt for Vegan)- adjust seasoning to your taste! Will save for a few days in fridge - but you will want this on everything so it may not last that long.

Check out what I used it for the first cook - Roasted Cauli steak with green sauce and chilli nuts ❤️

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