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Spicy Rice Noodle rolls

Inspired by street food in Penang - the famous Char Kway Teow - I made this dish to satisfy my craving for travel and spicy noodles!!

This is super easy & quick to make - ready in around 10minutes!!


2Tbsp light soy

2Tbsp Dark Soy

2Tbsp Sweet Soy( Kecap Manis)

1 tsp Fish sauce

1 -2 Tbsp Chilli oil

Combine all ingredients and set aside

Rice Noodle rolls


5 rolls rice noodle rolls - cut into bite sized batons( find fresh at Asian grocery stores)

3 stems Chinese Broccoli - washed and sliced on diagonal - leaves and stems

2 cloves garlic sliced thinly

Small portion of ginger - grated

2-3 small red chillis sliced thinly

2 small green chillis sliced thinly

1 Cup/handful fresh bean sprouts

2 eggs

1 Red shallot - sliced medium

2 chicken Thighs - sliced thinly

2 Tbsp vegetable oil


  1. Heat wok on highest heat and have everything ready to cook fast!

  2. Add oil to wok, garlic & ginger and allow to become aromatic

  3. Add 1/3 of the sliced Chilli now, & add in chicken thighs (in small batches if you have to -so it keeps hot and chars or gets colour fast - you want to cook it fast - not stew!)

  4. Add in 1/2 of the sauce and combine with chicken mix, then add in green stems - combining together well.

  5. Move mix to one side of the wok, then add in eggs, and use your spatula to break it up in the mixture so it is evenly distributed

  6. Add all remaining ingredients and remaining sauce and toss the wok/ stir to combine

  7. Allow the mix to incorporate sauce with the noodles and when they become soft and floppy - it’s ready to serve!!

  8. Add extra Chilli oil if you fancy - but this should be quite spicy as it is!

Full video of this cook is on my IGTV on Instagram - also a quick Insta reel video as well - if you make this one, please tag me so I can share and drool!

stay safe and happy cooking



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