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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Since finishing filming for MasterChef Australia, I have had quite a journey - some very low lows, and some incredibly humbling highs! I think most people forget about a TV show pretty quick, but when you put your entire life, and income on hold for a year, it takes its toll, and there have been many many times when I find myself shaking my head in disbelief as to the enormity of that decision. Even though the struggle is real, I have never been one to take the easy way out - so onwards I go - because every day is a new opportunity to be better than the last day, and there is always hope! It's tough when you don't earn money like you used to - the financial hardship is really tough, and the only option I have to stay off the streets is to work hard, and give 500%. And So, I have a few jobs because I still want to cook, and I still want to talk travel, and I still want to make my spice mixes - and one day - I will look back and laugh at the craziness that is 2019 and 'the year after'. What will never change, is that I will always work hard, and never give up.

For almost 20 years - I have been in the Travel industry - Living my travel dreams by sending clients on the most amazing holidays and vacations. Bucket List stuff. I was good at it - I won a lot of awards, and always smashed targets and had the best clients - because I had passion for what they wanted to do! Slowly, the passion for food took over, and I made the decision to Jump into a new career - no regrets, and BOY what a turn my life has taken since.

I am cheffing part time - weekends and after hours - because that fire is well and truly lit, and I do love the rush of a busy service, and being able to work with food on a daily basis! When I am not cooking, or talking travel, I am home cooking, and blending spices for my MammaJos Business - all the while writing menus for upcoming cooking classes at South Melbourne Markets starting in late September 2019.

Are you exhausted yet?? A day in my life - always delicious and lots of fun.

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About Me

A contestant on Season 10 of MasterChef Australia, who also travels the world in search of the best food and restaurants. From fine dining in NYC, to Truffle hunts in Tuscany – I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years, so now the food is taking over and the fusion is going to be amazing! 


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