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Korean KimChi Dumplings

I recently was asked to make these at the restaurant where I am cheffing, and the Korean Sous Chef was using his mother’s recipe - but she didn’t ever write anything down, so it was all done by feel and taste! I have to say, he did well getting the balance right - they are totally delicious and so now I am paying it forward and sharing so that everyone can enjoy these Korean delights!

Use Flour based round dumpling wrappers - you can find them at most Asian grocers and even supermarkets now!


•300g quality KimChi

•30g Sweet Potato Noodles

•200g Firm tofu

•250g Pork mince

•3 sprigs spring onions

•4 garlic cloves (minced with microplane)

•10g ginger (minced with microplane)

•15g sesame oil

•15g Soy sauce

•10g Korean Chilli flakes


1. Soak the noodles in hot water and set aside to soften - about 30mins. cut into 2-3 cm sections.

2. Finely chop the spring onion and kimchi and then squeeze all liquid out by squeezing through a cheesecloth or kitchen cloth.

3. Squeeze all liquid from the tofu - using a cheesecloth or kitchen cloth

4. Mix all ingredients together until combined and fry off a little to check seasoning and adjust if required.

5. Spoon a dessert spoon full if filling into a dumpling wrapper and then Fold into dumpling shapes - they need to be well filled or ‘chubby’ It may seem that you will not fit this much in, but stick with it, as the dumpling wrappers will stretch a little. Seal with a cornflour and water slurry, and then set on a tray lined with baking paper and cornflour - avoid them from touching each other or they may stick together.

I always find that a damp tea towel over the top of the completed dumplings will keep them from drying out. At this stage, you can freeze them or steam for 6 mins then eat with a dipping sauce of your choice! If cooking from frozen - add an extra 2-3 minutes in cooking time. Always check one before serving to make sure dumplings are cooked all the way through.

Tofu, KimChi and Pork - delicious and worthy of the time you will put in.

Tips for folding:

• Be generous with your filling - they should be folded like a tortellini and be quite thick and full.

• Place the filling in the middle and wet your finger with the cornflour slurry and baste the top half to moisten it in a semi circle.

• Pull the bottom (6 o’clock position) to the top ( 12 o’clock position) and pitch or close together.

• Hold the dumpling in the palm of your hand and use the other hand and fingers to seal the edges together.

•You will have a very full half circle with sealed edges - now flip it so that the horizontal edge is facing you. moisten one corner with the slurry, and bring the other corner around and overlap them so that you have a round dumpling that is a little circle of deliciousness.

Happy Cooking



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