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To All the Chili's I love...

With the upcoming launch of the MammaJo Rubs and spices, I thought it would be a good time to introduce some of the key players - so you can figure out what you might like and help you to understand the flavour profiles of the Rubs.

I am probably going to say that they are all my favourites - but for different reasons, and so in no particular order here is a bit of info about 4 of the mainly Latin Chili types that I use in my rubs. Unlike Asian style chilis, the latin ones are not as fiery straight away - they definitely do have hot hot chilis, but the ones I use are more smoky and sweet instead of burn...

The Ancho - King of Flavour and Depth

Anchos are a dried and quite mild pepper - the poblano to be precise. Originally, from Puebla in Central Mexico - it would now have to be one of the most common peppers used all over in Mexican cooking. With a flavour that is slightly sweet (Think Raisins and plums), and smoky as well as subtle - meaning quite mild and not out to blow you out of the park!

When paired with Espresso - which is both smooth and bitter, the Ancho comes out to show who is boss, and it is a fabulous pairing! The MammaJo Ancho Espresso Rub is definitely one that pairs brilliantly with a dark meat - think Game, Steak or a Hearty stew - but don't let that stop you from using it on pork and chicken - or even just on your veggies!

The Scoville Rating for heat is 1000-1500 - which is considered quite low

The King of the Road - The Mulato

The Mulato Chili is basically a cousin of the Ancho - if you saw them side by side, you would guess they were related - but there are some differences too. The Mulato is a stockier version, and packs a bigger heat punch - with the rating range from 2-3000 and although is is still a smoky, sweet pepper - it is darker in colour, and leans towards chocolate and liquorice a little more. Infact, the Ancho, Mulato and Pasilla are considered to be the 3 amigos - or a team that makes up the 'holy trinity' - to create the Mole profile that is typically found in Mexico.

The Guajillo - Long and Strong

The Guajillo is a partner in crime with all of these rascals, but it does stand alone too. It has a reddish colour, a little sweet and mildly smoky. Definitely throws more heat than the others here- with a rating from 3-5000 - it would be the one with the most bite, but when combined with the others, this falls away, and the sweetness is what you will remebmer - with just a slight afterburn - in the nicest possible way of course!

Finally - but certainly not last in the race is the Pasilla. This is a dark long pepper - and is part of that Mole club - so has similar profiles - sweet, smoky and a little bit of heat - with a rating from 1-4000 - making it a middle runner in the game of heat - and would be classed as mild to medium if we were keeping score. For me, the Pasilla has an amazing aroma - you can tell its going to be delicious - whether on its own, or as part of the rat pack with the others.

The pasilla will pair well with all proteins - and when mixed with the other peppers - it is most certainly an all rounder that can assist in taking a plain dinner to a damn tasty one!

The Pasilla - pronounced - Pah- SEE-Ya

So there you have it - a bit of an intro into some of the star players in the spices and rubs that are soon to appear in the online store.

Here is a breakdown of What rubs will start off the Mamma Jo range:

Mole - The most popular - cocoa and chili with a few other delights - don't discard it!

Ancho Espresso - Smoky, Sweet and Bitter - Amazing on Steak and Dark meat!

Cajun - Lots of herbs and spices and a bit of heat - Loves chicken wings, and seafood

Jerk - The Spiciest - Great with all proteins or Veg - Cayenne Pepper gives this one a kick!

Carnitas - Originally for pulled pork, but has become an all rounder - no chili just flavour

Meat Dust - Designed for pork ribs, goes great on all meats - dry rub - sweet and spicy - mild

Sucia - A combo of the above peppers with dried Hibiscus flower thrown in to mix it up!

Butter Chicken - Spicy or Mild ( just add 4 ingredients!)

So, stay tuned - Links will all work soon, and the store will be open! For now, I am back to the grindstone ( literally ) as I mix up some new and exciting combos to keep the Mamma Jo customers on their toes!




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