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MammaJos Spices and Rubs

MammaJos Range is 100% Natural

So you have seen the range, but not sure what rubs are even and so haven't yet taken the plunge. Or maybe you have taken the plunge and got yourself some of my rubs and spices, but they sit in your pantry as a reminder that you supported a friend, but you really are unsure what to do with them? Maybe, you just don't think you can use these blends in your day to day cooking, and so applause silently from afar - yet not sure enough to commit.

If any of these feelings are you, then I want to assist in getting some answers about what to do when you decide to give the MammaJo range a shot.

It is definitely a considered choice - I mean, you can go to the local grocery store and pick up some cajun spice if you need it right? Having to order something online takes time, and you don't get the instant ability to use it straight away, so the urge has to be really strong to commit and then wait for the delivery.. BUT all of the spices in the MammaJo range are made from 100% natural ingredients - so unlike the convenient supermarket options with fillers and preservatives, my range is all made in small batches, with just herbs and spices and nothing artificial - which means you know exactly what is going into your families dinners, and can have peace of mind when it comes to food intolerance's. It also means that it arrives so fresh, that it's almost like you ground the spices yourself!

5 reasons why you should Consider a MammaJos mix in your dinner cycles:

  1. Made with all Natural Ingredients and no preservatives or nasty fillers = healthier

  2. Quick and easy to use - Most meals come together in 30 minutes = more family time

  3. No need to buy a heap of spices to make a recipe -just one mix = cheaper

  4. Supporting a small business generates the local economy = feel good vibes

  5. You can have MasterChef flavours every night of the week = minimal effort required

There are a tonne of other reasons, but I prefer to let the flavours talk for themselves.

Starting a new business is scary. Starting a new business is hard. It just takes a few people to give something new a go - a word of mouth from a friend to say - yeah I tried them, and it was great! My Little business is a labour of love and something that I am really passionate about, and I really hope that people cooking at home who are passionate about flavour in their food will reach out, and try something today!

There are a heap of options - and not all of them are spicy - in fact, even the spicy ones are not blow your head off spicy, so if you are worried about spicy meaning chilli, then you have nothing to worry about! Spices mean flavour!

PS - With Free express post shipping on sample packs, you really only have to wait a couple of days to receive your order - which gives you time to think about all the things you want to make when it arrives!

Have fun, and thanks so much for being on this journey with me!

If you are ready to check out the range - head here to find something that inspires your culinary mind!



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