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Mamma Jo's Grain Salad

Sometimes you just need healthy

I Love making this salad - In fact, I have a special draw in my pantry where I stock up on all of the ingredients - and there are a few, but having them on hand makes me feel happy, because I know I wont have to run to the shop or leave something out - I always have a supply! Im a prepper - and not the doomsday kind - the healthy kind -the best kind! I make enough so that I can eat it with different kinds of protein, on its own, share it around the office or take it to your neighbours place!

This is a great salad to take to a BBQ or dinner party - because it is something different, and you will win applause from all of your friends when you swan in with a big bowl of this one!

I like to think it takes me about an hour to put it all together - but once you do -you will have enough to last you all week for lunches or dinners - or just that one dinner event where you need to win the votes! It is a bit of work to get it together but well worth it! Enjoy x

The list is long - and there are no rules - but usually this is what I include: Double it up if you have to - it won't go to waste!!

Mamma Jo Grain Salad

Your Shopping List:

3/4 C Israeli cous cous

3/4 C Multi coloured Quinoa

3/4 C french green lentils

2 Tbsp - Slivered almonds

2 Tbsp - Pepitas

2 Tbsp - Pine nuts

2 Tbsp Pistachios

1 Small - Medium Sweet Potato/Beetroot/Piece Pumpkin

1 Bunch Flat leaf parsley

1 Bunch Shiso ( this is a Japanese mint and found in asian grocery stores - purple leaves )

1 Bunch Coriander - leaves and roots

1 Bunch Mint -any kind is fine - Japanese, Vietnamese, Everyday

1 Pomegranate - deseeded

1-2 Lemons - juiced

2 Tbsp Good Quality Olive Oil ( Cobram is best )

Salt and Pepper to taste

Dressing: Mix together and drizzle over top when ready to serve

3 Tbsp Natural Greek yoghurt

1 Tbsp Cumin

1 Tbsp honey

  1. In a small frypan, heat together nuts and pepitas until browned, then remove from heat and set aside to cool

  2. Cook quinoa, Lentils and cous cous in boiling salted water until just al dente then rinse and drain, and set aside to cool.

  3. Dice the Sweet Potato/Pumpkin/Beetroot in a small dice, season with some salt, pepper or other spices - Cumin is a go to for me - then roast in the oven for around 20 mins at 180c - toss around so it is cooked through and tender. Beetroot can take a little longer - test with a skewer to see how tender it is and keep cooking until the skewer goes through easily.

  4. Chop the leaves of the herbs finely - disregard the stems if you prefer - make sure to wash well - especially coriander - it is notorious for being gritty!

  5. Mix everything together, season, taste, season again, and figure out that you need to make more for the next batch!

  6. Add the dressing when ready to serve - change the spice in the dressing to your favourite one or just plain yogurt with a flavoured oil is also nice!

I hope you have fun with this - please share your versions with me and tag me on Instagram so I can give you a Shout out! #Mammajo


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