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Mamma Jo is on her way

This dreamer is keeping the spice in her life

So now that the website is up and running, things should settle down right?

Nope - not if you are me - because now the fun begins. One job is done, and the next says - Hey girl, what about me..

And so the Rubs and spices for Mamma Jos enters the building - not something I actually set out to do - but I seem to always let the universe light the path, and I will gladly follow and figure out the why and how along the way! My fascination with spices and rubs has been one that has developed over my life - and as I enjoy food more and more, I love the depth of flavour you can get from adding some spice or seasoning to a protein or a bowl of veggies! Sometimes, all you have time for is a bowl of veg and a piece of chicken - but that doesn't mean it has to be bland either! I love slow cooking and a huge BBQ fan, so rubs are something I am really into, and constantly trying to come up with one that is better than the last one!

When I came back from living & eating my way across the USA after 5 years - you can imagine, that dedication to food must have taken its toll on my health - and boy did it! I was unhealthy, unhappy and obese - topping almost 170kg! When I came back from my travels, I decided that enough was enough, and I needed to get healthy again - and so I cut down on portion sizes and began to exercise - I will write a whole other story about that adventure - and its a good one - but I really missed flavour, and so spices and rubs became my creative outlet in the kitchen - because they came without the penalty of calories or carbs!

From Big to Bold - and now I will start again!

I ended up losing about 70kg in about a year, and running a half marathon - and so I got very dedicated and now I still love the options that different spices and rubs will bring to a simple mid week dinner! Since my time in the Master Chef kitchen has ended, I have found some of that weight I had previously lost, and so will be reverting once again to my tried and tested rubs and veggies for my meals and I'll be running again soon too - I don't like being without a challenge, and I hate feeling unhealthy - but I will give myself one day a week to go nuts and eat whatever I want - Life is too short to go without!

So - here is a sneak peak at one of my labels - now in the process of being printed and my online store will be opening once they are ready to go! I would love your feedback - sign in and leave me some comments to let me know what you think! Other flavours are coming, and I am constantly working on new rubs and recipes to keep the options wide open!

This one has been popular in testing so I am sure will sell well!


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