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Lamb Sausage Rolls

MammaJo’s Lamb sausage rolls 🥰🙌👩‍🍳

If you want to take your sausage roll game to the next level - have a go at these lamb-y delights ❤️🇦🇺

An Aussie Day guaranteed winner! Serve with a Yoghurt and cumin dipping sauce and you are on your way!



Packet of good quality puff pastry ( or make your own!)

500g Lamb Mince

1 Large Shallot - diced finely

1 tbsp Cumin

1/2 bunch parsley leaves chopped finely

1 small sweet potato grated

2 cloves Garlic grated with microplane

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 Tbsp Good Olive Oil - I use @cobramestate 🙌🥰

1 whisked egg

Sesame or Nigella seeds

Method::: 👩‍🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳

•Preheat oven to180C- prep trays with baking paper

• In a small frypan, add olive oil and heat - add shallots and garlic -gently sweat off until soft - then add in the grated sweet potato and combine over heat until soft and starting to caramelise - set aside to cool.

•Once cooled add to minced lamb, chopped parsley and spices

•You can fit 3x1 inch rows of filling down and along a sheet of puff pastry and cut either side then roll into logs •Cut into the sizes you want - I prefer bite sized 😍

•Pierce each roll with a fork a few times on top-brush with egg wash, then sprinkle with seeds and bake about 20-30mins or until browned and golden🙌

Yoghurt Dipping Sauce:

1 Cup plain Greek yoghurt

1/4 C chopped Mint

1 tsp Cumin and honey

Mix all together and dip away 👩‍🍳👌🏻

Variations - you could add in some Sumac to the mix or chillie flakes to make these spicy if you want! I usually make a double batch because they don’t last long!

If you make these - please share and tag me so I can share as well!

Happy Cooking x


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