5 Spice mixes to spice up your life!

1 Family size, and 4 regular size - A mystery as to what it will be, but rest assured, you will find plenty to get you through the weekend with this Mystery Box! 



What can it be? Do you have a favourite? Try the Sampler box if you want to see everything - or sign up to be a volunteer, and test new mixes before they get released!


Jerk - Spicy with a kick

Cajun - Herbal Spicy with a bit of heat

Carnitas - No Chilli - just deliciousness

Meat Dust - Perfect for Ribs, Wings and everything inbetween

Sucia - Great for Dark meats - but great on everything!

Mole - Bittersweet  with Cocoa and chilli

Ancho Espresso - Great on Steaks - my Favourite

Butter Chicken - Spicy and Mild


All of My Spices and Rubs are made from quality ingredients, with no fillers/preservatives or unneccessary hoo haa 

Just the right spices, done the right way - the flavour will take care of the rest! Enjoy

Mamma Jo's Spicy Mystery Box

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