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Raspberry and Rosemary Sorbet

Refreshing and Delicious - Rosemary and Raspberry are a delightful match

A Few Years ago, I went on a food tour of Italy - and it was during this time, I strolled into a small village called San Gimignano - They boasted to have the best Gelato in the world...and after a second round in the line, I had to agree.

The flavours that they offered were special - alongside all of the usual suspects, but then some crazy ones - port and cheese, pear and wine, raspberry and rosemary. I had never even thought of these combos, but was so glad that they had -because it is now one of my most favourite combos, and I will try to use it whenever I can! In this sorbet, I really think it worls so well - I hope you enjoy it too!

Rosemary & Raspberry Sorbet

•500g Raspberries - I use frozen ones and defrost them!

•220g Castor sugar

•250g Water

•5 sprigs fresh Rosemary

•30g liquid glucose

•lemon juice 1-2 lemons . . .

Purée raspberries til smooth then pass through strainer to remove seeds - set aside

Heat sugar and water in saucepan until comes to soft simmer - add in Rosemary sprigs and simmer 5 mins then set aside to cool - leave 30mins with the Rosemary in there to flavour it!

Add purée and sugar water together until combined then strain again to remove sprigs and squeeze in juice from a lemon - taste and adjust according to your preference and how tart the fruits are.

Churn 30-45mins then freeze If you done have a churner, you can freeze and stir every 30mins or so so it does

Try other combinations too using the same base ingredients - fruit, sugar and water, plus citrus to cut the sweetness down, and the glucose will help to stabilise the sorbet - (keep its shape a bit longer)

Done forget to Share your efforts with me using the #mammajo hashtag! I love seeing your pics and cooking!

If you think going to the best Gelato shop in the world is exciting - wait til you see the Italian Food extravaganza that I am planning for spring 2019! Limited seats, and so much fun!

Travel Deliciously

If you want the best Gelato - You line up for it!


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