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Mamma Jos Butter Chicken

There is Spicy and there is Spice-y - It doesn't always have to blow your head off!

The reason I wanted to do a Butter chicken dish is quite a personal one, and if there was some way, that I could help someone like her eat good food, then I was going to give it a try! She is a fussy eater, and most likely will be for some time yet -and that's ok. What I do know is that she tries hard to find foods that she can eat - and they need to have not much to them - bits and piece that you can see - like vegetables etc will not be something she will try, so I had to find a way to get the flavour in without being able to tell that anything was there...

What I did know is that she ate butter chicken - Just a jar mix, add chicken and its done in no time - I wanted to do better. I know that there are so many thing in jarred sauces that are not great nutritionally, and if there was a way to wean her off the jar stuff, then I wanted to make it happen!

So I played around and came up with a solution - I make up the spice mix - its dry, and there are no preservatives - you know that there is nothing nasty in this jar! All she had to do was add in 4 ingredients, and its done - less than 30 mins and no stress about picking things out.

So here is the recipe:

1 packet Mamma Jos Butter Chicken Spice Mix - mild or spicy option available

You need to add:

  1. 500g Chicken Thigh ( roughly chopped )

  2. 250g Coconut Cream ( I like the Kara Brand from Asian grocery stores)

  3. 60g Coconut Oil

  4. 100g Tomato Paste


  • Heat oil and spice mix in a deep pan for 5 mins - or until fragrant

  • Add in Coconut cream and tomato paste and mix/stir until combined - approx 2 mins

  • Add in chopped chicken thigh, and stir to combine. Cook over gentle simmer for approx 20 mins or until cooked through. ( the bigger the pieces, the longer it takes)

  • Squeeze lemon juice prior to serving - serve with rice, roti, veggies, yoghurt - whatever else you are having!


In the course of getting the recipe ready, I asked people around Australia to test some mixes for me, and I had a couple of Vegetarians, and a Vegan person try the butter chicken! Yes - just because it is called butter chicken - doesn't mean you have to stick to any rules. If you don't eat chicken - add pumpkin - or cauliflower - cashews, tofu, Fish , prawns etc

Please break the rules and tell me when you do, so we can let everyone know that butter chicken isn't just for the birds!

So there you have it - a fast, easy and delicious way to have curry night without having to buy 20 jars of spices that you may never need again - just a one pack and go! Cut the recipe in half or pack the leftovers for lunches - it won't be leftover for long!

Enjoy Your Mamma JO Butter Chicken ( or whatever your version is!) I even used the mix on chicken wings too and have to report it was definitely something i wanted more of. That happens a lot with me though - but I love delicious food!

When spices join together, amazing flavours happen!


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