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Mamma Jo's Pretzel Dogs

I absolutely love these - and once you have made them once, they will most likely be required again and again - so save this for future reference!

It is a really easy recipe - basically pizza dough wrapped around baby hot dogs - boiled and baked! Don't worry - step by step instructions are below! Feel free to get creative and use different kinds of hot dogs inside - totally worth having a go at different things that make sense -and seeing what happens

My basic pizza dough is really just the Thermomix one - if you don't have a Thermomix, you can use a machine with a dough hook, or just go by hand and knead/rest appropriately!

Pizza dough:

  • 30g EVOO

  • 220g Warm water

  • 1 tsp sugar

  • 2 tsp instant yeast

  • 400g bakers flour

  • 1 tsp salt

  1. Place water, yeast, sugar into bowl and mix together - 20sec/speed 2 - then rest and allow to get frothy - about 5 mins

  2. Add flour, oil and salt and knead for 2 mins on the dough function - or using dough hook or hand knead until soft.

  3. Rest dough - covered for about 40 mins to an hour - or until doubled in size.

Making the dogs

You will need:

  • 1 Bag of baby saveloy franks

  • 1 portion of pizza dough ( see above recipe )

  • Pot of boiling water and 1 TBSP Bi-Carb soda

  • Dijon mustard

  • Melted butter

  • Sesame seeds

These saveloys are the small thumb like franks that you can get from the deli. I have also used kabana, kransky, and chorizo in the past - but you do you!

  1. Add Bi Carb to water and bring to boil - Pre Heat oven to 200C, and prepare baking paper on trays

  2. Portion the pizza dough into approx 30-40g balls and roll into 'ropes' or strips. brush the strips with mustard, then starting at one end, wrap the sausage from end to end and 'tuck' the end under and place on a tray until all are wrapped.

  3. In small batches, drop each wrapped dog into the boiling water and cook for approx 30 sec and they will puff up a little. Gently remove and place onto prepared baking trays.

  4. Brush each dog with the melted butter, and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. Feel free to add other seeds that you like on top

  5. Bake in the oven about 15mins - or until nicely browned on top

  6. Transfer to a cooling rack and serve with your choice of sauce or ketchup

These will freeze really well, so make a double batch if you think 1 wont be enough, and bring them out when guests arrive unexpected - just takes about 20 mins to reheat in the oven and away you go!

As always - please share with me the pics of your creations, and tag mw so that I can show people your creations too! Tag #MammaJos and #ImadeMammaJos on your socials and send me a message!

Happy baking



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