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Mamma JO Jerk Wings

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

I Love Love Love Chicken Wings - they can be so many things - a snack, a meal, lunch, dinner, a base for stock and soups - they are just so versatile! Most of the time, they are cheap too, so when the bank balance is low, then wings are a great way to fill your belly and still get your daily coffee!

So - the next time you are heading to a BBQ, jump onto these and be hailed almighty by your mates, and then sit back and enjoy the party - that's how much work they take!

Because I am Mamma Jo - I have also taken the hard work out of putting delicious spices together - so now all you have to do is empty a packet of Mamma Jo spice mix into a bag or container with your wings - let them have their own party - overnight is great but a couple of hours is still going to work, and then throw them on a hot grill! The only thing you have to do is work out what flavour you feel like?

These ones are some of my favourite - the Mamma Jo Jerk Wings - they have a nice kick to them, but squirt some lime juice on them when you take them off the grill, and it will be next level! Actually, the Meat Dust rub is also great on wings - and not as spicy either, so better for a crowd with palates that don't enjoy heat!

Just Grill and enjoy - I serve mine with a yoghurt and herb oil dip - but yoghurt and anything will work! Yoghurt is the best carrier for dipping - works for sweet and savoury, and its healthy so you can't say no!

If you don't have a BBQ, you can still cook wings - oven is a great option - high heat - turn them once, and you are good to go!

UPDATE - Because I make these so often, I wanted to mix things up, and have started playing around with glazes when serving - and can I tell you all that I am so happy I did, because by adding a quick glaze to the recipe, these wings go from Good to great in just a few minutes!

To make the Jerk Rum glaze - Make a caramel and boost it with some spice!

100g Sugar

100g butter

TBSP Jerk Seasoning

1/3C Dark Rum

juice from a lime ( pineapple juice would also be amazing here!)

I just basically make a caramel sauce by melting the sugar until it starts to get golden, then i add in the lime juice to stop it cooking - then add in the Jerk Spice, add butter, more lime juice if you need it and then add in some rum to bring it all together - get it bubbling ( you want to burn the alcohol off the sauce ) Remove from the heat and toss the cooked wings and then serve up! It does gives you another kick of heat - so if you are not wanting that, just make the glaze without the spice in it, and it will still be delicious - just not hot delicious!

Take pics of your wings, and share your wing stories with me on Instagram - use the hashtag #mammajo and tell me what you made - I will share your glory with the world! We are all in this together - and life is too short to not have wings!

So Many choices - so which one will you choose?

  • Jerk - Spicy with a kick - but not nuclear - Even better with lime/lemon juice on serving

  • Cajun - Herbal Spicy with a bit of heat - not hot hot but a little zing...

  • Carnitas - No Chilli in this one - garlic, ginger, coriander - delicious

  • Meat Dust - Awesome for Ribs, Pork, Wing or BBQ meats - Chicken Breasts - mild heat

  • Sucia - Sweet with a smoky heat - Latin flavours - with a mild finish - Ah-Mazing

  • Mole - Bitter Sweet - has cocoa and Chilli - but not hot hot - nice hot

  • Ancho Espresso - Great on Steaks, Game etc - Columbian Coffee and Latin Smoked Chilli - mind blowing - not hot hot

  • Butter Chicken - Spicy or mild - Amazing spice flavours - you just need 4 ingredients and dinner is ready!

Spicy or Mild - it's Fast and easy with the MammaJos Butter Chicken - and if you don't eat Chicken - use Veggies instead - The chicken wont mind, and neither will you!

Share your Stories and MammaJo cooking with me using #Mammajos and I will share with everyone the MammaJo love xx


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