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Forget about Route 66 - I've been everywhere man...

Phew - how time flies when you’re having fun or on the run...for me it’s been a little of both over the past few weeks! I can barely remember back to St Pats day - and as for St Pats night - forget it!!! I finally tracked down an Aussie friend to go on a pub crawl with in Hoboken aka Home. We started off at the pub on the corner - green shot glasses with beads around our necks like we were off to Mardi Gra - alas t’was just to the little pub that lets DOGS in the bar!!! I believe during the enjoyment of a pint - where I asked the barman for a pint of something that might taste a bit like Stella - to which he replied - how about a Stella then...O dear blonde alert!! Stella it was.

A Stein is fine on a Miami Day

4 dogs was really too much for 2 Aussie Sheila’s, so we let the dogs out.... and proceeded a few blocks down the road to the next one - Nag's Head I believe it was - another Pint of your finest thanks Keep - alas no dogs in this bar - just a couple - sitting at the bar, with a BABY in a hammock around his neck. Really, a baby in a bar? I love America - Home of the Brave, and Baby friendly bars! Awesome

The last pub - well we ended up staying there, made a few friends - scored some free shirts, and don't remember how we got home - so all in all I believe a successful evening full of crazy sights, and good times! Do not recommend this kind of ridiculous behaviour to anyone - unless you can sleep all day the next day... again - I have done this research for you - You are Welcome!

Good times aside, it was now time to get back to the airport and head out on my 2-week journey- this one from East Coast to West coast - Forget Route 66 - this was going to be a hoot! First stop Orlando - home of EVERYTHING Mickey. If not for Mickey, then you really know where you are based on what’s playing on the radio when you start your engine. Can anyone say Pitbull, and FloRida are the 2 most played peeps on Florida radio - there is really only so much one can take before you have to say ...No, No No - not Low low low lol....and Mr world-wide my ASS Pitbull - you are doing my head in already - but also I love you #dale

Luckily for me, it was a fly in, work and drive out so I did not get a chance to Mingle with the mouse or any of his friendly peeps - the lines at Disney world would do my head in... who am I kidding - the Kids at Disney world would do my head in - I am going to hunt down Cuban Food

The art of a great Cuban Sandwich is a legit skill that I will respect you for immensely
"I'm in Miami Bitch"

Driving south to Miami is a nice drive - about 3 hours on the highway - and pretty hard to mess it up - it’s a straight line and even I had no mishaps - life is good. Ahhh to be in warm weather again - I can actually wear shorts and realise just how pasty pale I have become from living in the North - I felt like a lizard on a rock - just wanting to sit outside and bask in the sun...Miami is cool - I could really see myself living there - its low rise in the part where I stayed (Coral Gables)- where they have the miracle mile shops and restaurant row - amazing food -but where to start!! With me after my work is done, then it’s all about the food of course - so many restaurants, so little time... Being that every corner has a Cuban Restaurant on it, and knowing of my love for everything Cuban, it was hard not to go that route, but I like to try new things, so first night I went to the Red Koi - chosen mostly because I always wanted a koi garden, and secondly because it was very convenient...and delicious - a Japanese/Thai blend of flavours - amazing! I don't know what I Had but it was everything it should have been and more - Yummo!

Second night, it was time to get a meat and beer fix - back to my heritage and having some German Schnitty and a Stein of lager - delightful and delicious all at the same time! Florida, I will be back every 3 months, don't go changing - You Rock!

If you go to Miami and Don't have a Bulldog Margarita - did you really even go?

Driving back to the airport, with South beach high rises in the background - looking much like the Gold Coast back home, I vow to return, and stay and play a while to really enjoy what this Heavily Latino town has to offer - the nightlife is to die for - as long as you can drown out Pit and his friend Flo...

To the West Side Yo - and waiting is my best friend in the world, with a cold Heiny ready in the lobby of what can only be described as one of the trendiest hotels I have stayed in for a long time - with a resident DJ in the lobby spinning tracks, the W Hollywood is where all the pretty, and freaking RUDE people stay - except us of course - pretentious is only a word we use on other peeps - and when hotels charge $6.50 for a can of coke. Beer it is then..8 Heinys later, we stumble on our way to our posh rooms, and vow to meet up for a RIB BBQ dinner the next evening - after all I have work to do, and they have sights to see - because guess what - that sneaky little mouse Mickey - He has a Doppel ganger on the West side too! Very very sneaky...just like Mr Deeds... Again, you know you are in LA and on the WEST SIDE, Because Snoop Dogg is playing on every Single radio station I turn to...Really _ I love you Dogg, but this is Crazy!!!

Baby Blues BBQ - you are the Target for the Champ and Champ Swine Fest - where my good friend orders a beer in a can - to drink - a Fat Tyre...really - do you want a straw with that CAN of beer my friend - I will have a pint of Blue Moon thanks Keep - and my new friend Kimberley will have a scoop also - out of a glass like a lady :) The Pig was porkalicious and The Beef Rib ridiculous - but I can never be a hater of the Swine meal, so again, we are on a winner! Last supper in Hollywood - and again my theory of crackville vs Popeye's chicken rings true - every time I see a burnt out car, just around the corner. What do you know - there is a Popeye's chicken shop! You have been warned readers - I am a walking public service of assistance for you all by golly.

The reunion is over, but not before a final meal at -well it was almost at the chicken and waffle house but when we loaded up the car with luggage, paid the porter for the car valet and headed out into the street, we had just gotten one block when Samantha - my Tom Tom tour guide advises that we have reached our destination!! Really - we just loaded up the car to go 1 freaking block!! No - no we won’t - we refuse on the principle that it is too ridiculous to fathom what had just happened, so where else does one go when in Hollywood and looking for a status worthy update able eats house? The answer is of course FATBURGER...because none of us need it, but all of us want it - if you get through a XXXL, you get your picture on the wall - screw that - the most we went was an XXL and that proved too much of a beast to tame...crazy crazy America - you love everything super-sized...but the soda refills are free!! Yay! To be honest, the girls did better at the Fat Burger than the Staunch one we all know as Champ did - girls v boys and Girls won by far - especially considering he was the one that loaded up the address for the waffle house in the first place. Just sayin...

Ever seen 3 people - full of Fat burgers go up a mountain to a hiking trail? Well if you were at said trail longer than 10 minutes, you would have missed it - we went, we saw, well we didn't see because no one sees anything in LA - it’s all smog - so you learn to imagine.... we left - off to LAX and Vegas bound!!

Vegas Baby!! I never get tired of Vegas, until the first night of card playing, then I wish to leave and never go back again - ever - until the next time lol It is somewhat different going to the Happiest place on earth, when you have to get up each day and go to work - tis wrong - very wrong. But still Vegas has a buzz about it - it’s still one of my fav places to go to - great food - of course, great shows - This time - Hello Rod Stewart - You Did rock the house down, and I believe that I sat next to your Mum and Dad in the audience and we all sang along like a family reunion - it was great!

This trip - best part of Vegas was my rental car - Hello FIAT 500 - and yes, you may call me J-Lo - Everywhere I went, I had peeps stopping me and asking me about this hot rod - what a car - Guys love it too -It’s a meat magnet lol I'm on the hunt to buy one now for sure!!

After 2 weeks though, free beer every night in Vegas, and a restaurant that lets you eat for free if you weigh over 350lbs - Heart Attack Grill - I have had enough - it’s time to go home - I'm not home for long, then I'm off again...But My Rte 66 was a heck of a ride - I am truly living the dream!

Happy Travels peeps & stay Thirsty

Written in 2012 - What a big year for blogging!


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