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Bagels for Days

If you thought that Bagels are too hard to make, then please keep reading, because you can definitely make these at home, and I am so excited to share how easy it is!

So anyway - my first bagel was in New York City (obviously) and it was love at first bite, with a note to self to get them to go easy on the cream cheese next time - because man, they spread it thick! Like seriously, a whole container of cream cheese on one bagel!! AHHHH

The range of available choices in NYC is quite intimidating - and can be scary if you don't know what you want, with people waiting behind, there is a lot of pressure to make your order and then wait - a bit like that Seinfeld episode with the soup Nazi... anyway - I digress.

My Favourite is the Everything Bagel - but you can get all kinds - sweet, savoury, fruity, or just plain and simple - and then the fillings are about as varied as you can imagine - with nothing off limits - like a sandwich, you can pretty much have what ever you want. If, like me, you don't enjoy a container of cream cheese on your bagel - you just have to ask for a schmear, and if you don't want the carbs, you ask for it to be scooped out - a process by which they scoop out all of the centre of the bagel, and just toast the crusty shell - which is totally crunchy and delicious, and less filling, so you can have something else as well!

Ok, so if you cannot get to NYC, I am going to share my Bagel recipe with you - and while die hard NY bagel fans will probably slap me for not being authentic, these will avoid the 30 hour commute, and still taste pretty good!

Also - these freeze really well ( cut them in half prior to freezing, so you can put straight into toaster from frozen!) Use whatever filling you like - no rules - Pastrami, smoked salmon, avocado, salad, crab meat - anything you like! I use a Thermomix to make my dough - if you don't have one, use the same principle on whatever machine you have - as long as it can knead then you will be good! Elbow grease also works when equipment fails.

Mamma Jo Everything Bagels:

  • 280g Milk

  • 15g instant Yeast

  • 25g Sugar

  • 25g Butter

  • 480g flour

  • pinch salt ( 5g )

  • Everything Toppings: equal mix of Sesame seeds - black and white, onion and garlic flakes, poppy seeds, salt

  1. Add Milk, yeast, sugar and butter together in mixing bowl 3 minutes/37C/speed 1(If no Thermomix - use warmed milk, and let these ingredients mis together for about 3 minutes to combine)

  2. Add in the flour and salt, and using the dough function, knead for 3.5 minutes or until the dough is fluffy

  3. Cover dough ball and set aside to prove and double in size - about 40mins to an hour depending on temperature variants in your kitchen

  4. Roll out logs and make into bagel shapes - you can use a donut cutter, or make a roll and seal the ends together - whatever is easy for you!

  5. Set aside on baking paper covered tray to prove again -cover with glad wrap

  6. While bagels are second proving, get the water ready, and pre heat oven to 200C

  7. Fill Large pot with water, and add a TBSP Honey, or treacle, and a TBSP of Bi Carb Soda, and let come to the boil

  8. Prepare your toppings - my everything mix into a tray ready to dip.

  9. When water is boiling, drop bagels into it carefully, and boil for approx 2 mins - I can usually get 4 into my pot at a time!Water will foam and froth but that's what you want - no need to panic!

  10. Remove from water with tongs, and onto the everything topping tray to cover one side with the seeds and spices that you have chosen. Once covered sufficiently, set onto the prepared baking tray, and cook for about 20 mins.

  11. Turn onto wire rack to cool - eat as you like, or cut in halves and freeze

  12. Enjoy x

Please share your efforts on social media and tag me, or use the #imadeMammaJos so we can all share our bagel adventures together!


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