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Mamma JO Jerk Wings

I Love Love Love Chicken Wings - they can be so many things - a snack, a meal, lunch, dinner, a base for stock and soups - they are just so versatile! Most of the time, they are cheap too, so when the bank balance is low, then wings are a great way to fill your belly and still get your daily coffee! So - the next time you are heading to a BBQ, jump onto these and be hailed almighty by your mates, and then sit back and enjoy the party - that's how much work they take! Because

Raspberry and Rosemary Sorbet

A Few Years ago, I went on a food tour of Italy - and it was during this time, I strolled into a small village called San Gimignano - They boasted to have the best Gelato in the world...and after a second round in the line, I had to agree. The flavours that they offered were special - alongside all of the usual suspects, but then some crazy ones - port and cheese, pear and wine, raspberry and rosemary. I had never even thought of these combos, but was so glad that they had -

Mamma Jo's Savoury Scrolls

These ones are great to bake on a Sunday - If you're lucky - there may be some left for lunch boxes on Monday...Try these with anything you like - there are zero rules and endless options - Today I used pesto that I have made for a dish a few days ago, and some Prosciutto and goats cheese - because they all go well together, and its what I felt like eating! As I was making them, I was thinking about maybe making a smoky pumpkin puree with parma ham or goats cheese and sage...

Mamma Jo's Grain Salad

I Love making this salad - In fact, I have a special draw in my pantry where I stock up on all of the ingredients - and there are a few, but having them on hand makes me feel happy, because I know I wont have to run to the shop or leave something out - I always have a supply! Im a prepper - and not the doomsday kind - the healthy kind -the best kind! I make enough so that I can eat it with different kinds of protein, on its own, share it around the office or take it to your n